Sex problem in man

Sex problems not only give physical pain to men, but also reduce their self-confidence. Not being able to perform in sex is a matter of great concern for any man. Therefore it is very necessary to solve this problem, it not only affects the body of men but also scatters their personal life.


Not being able to have sex despite an erection is not a big problem. Still, those who are not able to have sex even after erection, they definitely have some trouble and discomfort. It is somewhat like the pain and discomfort experienced by women during periods. Not being able to have sex despite an erection, this happens when you are busy all the time and the tension of work is always swirling in your mind. Or you live in tension or depression due to any other reason. While it is very important to be relaxed and happy during sex, otherwise gratifying and pleasurable sex cannot be enjoyed.

You can also learn some sexual exercises and techniques, which will help you. Many times a man becomes a victim of premature ejaculation due to excessive excitement. To solve this problem, you should improve your sexual performance and control more excitement while having sex and should also increase the timing of your sex. To solve this problem, taking 2 grams of cinnamon powder with milk in the morning and evening increases semen and ends premature ejaculation. Mixing cardamom seeds, mace, almonds, cow’s butter and sugar in equal quantity, eating it every morning in the morning strengthens the metal and the complaint of premature ejaculation is removed.


So let’s know some sex problems related to men and their solutions –


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important for a healthy sex life. People who do not maintain a healthy lifestyle have to face many problems. Many people hesitate to talk openly on this and even go to the sexologist to get a solution. So let’s talk about those solutions after adopting which you will not have any need to go to the doctor.


Pre-mature ejaculation in men

This problem is found in most men due to premature discharge of semen. Such men are not able to enjoy the real pleasure of sex life. If there is a problem of early discharge while having sex, then it should be diagnosed soon and this kind of problem is called pre-mature ejaculation. Many men say that they ejaculate within seconds during intercourse. Semen also comes out thin like water. The truth is that such situations are not uncommon. To overcome this problem of yours, you can adopt some easy methods, such as having sexual foreplay for a long time, making certain positions of sex so that the erection remains for a long time, having sex in a pleasant environment with relaxation, your partner Sharing your sexual thoughts with You can also learn some sexual exercises and techniques, which will help you.

Having symptoms of impotence-

When the idea of ​​sex comes in the mind of men, then excitement comes in his penis and the man also gets excited for sex by touch. In such a situation, the flow of blood in the penis along with the body increases, but it is also necessary to have proper hormones for stimulation. When this is not possible, then that condition is called impotence. However, in most of the cases people fall prey to the illusion that they have symptoms of impotence. To solve this problem, prepare 15 grams of basil seeds and 30 grams of white musli powder. Then mix 60 grams of sugar candy in it and fill it in the bottle. Take 3 to 5 grams of this powder with milk in the morning and evening. Or 10 to 20 ml. White onion juice, 5-10 grams of honey and 1-3 ml. Taking ginger juice and 1 to 2 grams of ghee and taking it together for 21 days gives freedom from impotence. If you are not able to do this remedy, then you can additionally grind 200 grams of garlic, mix 600 grams of honey in it, fill it in a clean vial, close the lid well and keep it in a wheat sack. Take him out after 31 days. Impotence is removed by taking it for 40 days in the quantity of 10 grams.

Metal weakness problem

Many men are afflicted by the weakness of the metal. This disease is caused due to excessive erotic thoughts, pornography, watching pornographic movies etc. After such activities, the person feels more sensual and adopts unnatural sex etc. to fulfill his desires. Due to unnatural sex, he has to face many problems, one of which is metal weakness. In this, the semen of the person becomes thin, due to which it is quickly discharged during intercourse. Dhatu weakness is the problem of salivating of semen along with urine, incomplete uplift in the penis, metal starts falling from the penis before the rise, etc. To solve this problem, you should stop watching excessively erotic thoughts, pornography, porn movies. And to get rid of this problem, roast 2-3 dates in ghee and eat regularly in the morning. Boiled milk should be drunk after adding cardamom, sugar and kaunch from above. This strengthens the metal. Eating cardamom seeds and mace powder, almond kernel, cow’s butter and sugar mixed together strengthens the metal and thickens the semen. 20 ml Taking the juice of fresh gooseberry and mixing honey in it strengthens the metal.

Sex problem in man

There are different types of ejaculation disorders in men, including:

Premature ejaculation ; Delayed ejaculation, no ejaculation; Retrograde ejaculation. In some cases, premature ejaculation and no ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, including religious influences, lack of attraction from a partner, and past trauma. Premature ejaculation – the most common sexual disorder in men, often stemming from psychological causes of sexual performance. Certain medications, including antidepressants, can affect the ejaculation because of nerve damage.

Retrograde ejaculation is common in men with diabetes who have nerve damage. Nerves in the bladder and bladder neck are damaged, allowing retrograde ejaculation. In addition, retrograde ejaculation also occurs after bladder neck or prostate surgery, after certain abdominal surgeries, and due to the use of certain medications.


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